How innovation and the sharing economy is changing our world

At, innovation is one of our core values. That’s why we’re fascinated by the sharing economy. By leveraging information technology to empower individuals and corporations with information that enables distribution, sharing and reuse of goods and services, companies such as AirBnB, Craigslist and Uber have blossomed to change the way we live and operate.

How is changing our world to make life easier is a perfect example of the sharing economy in action. Take Jason, a recent zipments For You customer and Executive Assistant who shared with us his story:

“Sometimes I think people underestimate the challenges and stresses involved in what I’m do. As an EA, one of the most common taken-for-granted assumptions is that I don’t carry stress or major responsibilities. That’s just not true. I am the cog in the wheel that makes that wheel turn.  If things don’t get scheduled, ordered, picked up, organized and paid for etc. and all timed perfectly, the system breaks down.

Using quality vendors is critical to maintaining high standards. When you work for a team or an individual that is ambitious and trying to accomplish a lot, these break downs can have serious consequences.  Late contracts can mean missing a deal; boss needing drycleaning picked up before catching a flight; forgotten flowers for a staff members birthday is a missed opportunity to show appreciation. It’s the little things, but they matter. has become an integral part of my work world. For example, on one particular day, I needed to get a variety of things picked up and dropped off for an important seminar that my team was hosting. Time limitation meant that I needed to find help and regular courier services weren’t able to accommodate my needs. 

Here’s a snapshot:

  • 1pm: Pick up nametags and stationary from office on Cambie Street
  • 110pm: (Enroute) pick up catering from Edible Canada
  • 115pm: (Enroute) pick up at décor at Party Bazaar
  • 120pm: (Enroute) pick up speaker gifts at Vancouver Hotel concierge
  • 125pm: Drop everything off at the Fairmont Hotel meeting room for setup

With zipments, I was able to coordinate this all in about 5 minutes and check in to make sure that everything was happening as required.  



From financing to home help solutions, we are all keen to see how the sharing economy will continue to challenge traditional models and hopefully, change our lives for the better.

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